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Blog Update #885

Monday, August 26, 2019

Many popular blogging platforms allow you to submit blog posts via e-mail, using a special e-mail address. Some sites include support for images, while others do not. The form below will generate and send a multipart (plain text and HTML) e-mail to whatever e-mail address you provide. Images will be sent as attachments. If your blogging provider does not support posting by e-mail, you will need to copy and paste the text for your post into your blog manually.

WordPress Users

The WordPress "post by email" functionality does not work with systems like ours. The workaround has always been to enter your own email address in the "Your Blog's Mail To Address" field, then forward the email you receive to the email address you've established with WordPress. However, we now have an alternative way to post to WordPress that works with their APIs. If you're interested in giving it a try, click the link below to get started.

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